Saving lives; smuggled dogs edition

We have been waiting for months to share the story of Cashew, Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut, Target, Alfalfa and Mr. Wrinkles.

On Sunday October 23rd of 2016 the Coastguard of Aruba detected a suspicious ship on their radar. They sent out a patrol vessel to investigate. The coast guard officials who boarded the ship encountered a variety of (exotic) animals. There were four mini Macaws, one Jaguarundi, one Ocelot, ten toucans, two Tamarind monkeys, four Cocker Spaniels, one Great Dane, one Bull Terrier, one Sharpei and six Tortoises.
The ship, the animals and the other products were confiscated by customs.

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Sgt. Pepper’s home fundraising!

From January 24-29 the @109World animal mission trip will take place in Aruba, with the goal to raise enough money for us to be able to start our Sgt. Pepper’s Friends home and help more animals in need year round 🐱🙏🐶.

Together we are trying to raise as much fund as possible and that is where we need your help!

Starting Monday November 21;
donate a sum of your choice as mentioned below through and have the chance to win amazing prizes. Your chosen donation level will put you in the running to win each donation amount’s respective prize (one winner per category):

Donate US$200 – get the chance to win a 2 night’s stay for two in Aruba at the Ritz – Breakfast included.

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The adventures of Aiden

Hi there! Remember me? It’s Aiden J

Exactly one month ago, my new chapter in life began when I arrived in the Netherlands. Well, to be honest, my journey began some weeks earlier. It all started the day you guys from Sgt. Pepper’s Friends saved me and my little brother Archie from the streets in Aruba. I can’t thank you enough for taking care of me, bringing me to the vet, feeding me, walking me, fostering me, socializing me with humans and other animals, and finding me a forever home. I really hope you can save lots and lots of other animals out there because we all deserve a second chance.

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Hi. My name is RUBY & I am from ARUBA. My mom & dad told me that we are going to start donating to SGT. PEPPERS FRIENDS. You see, I AM a Sgt. Pepper FRIEND! Pretty cool huh? Anywho, my ma thought it would be nice if I shared my story & a little bit more about what my friends at Sgt. Pepper’s do so here I go.

My birthday is coming up in August & whoa what a year it’s been. It may not seem like it from the picture above but actually, I had a hard start into this crazy world.

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Odessa aka Riley’s Canada adventure

Odessa is adjusting so well and is loved by everyone she meets. All she has to do is look at a stranger passing on the street, wiggle her little body and tail, and they come right over to say hello. Everyone is so grateful for her and I’m always hearing “thank-you’s” from all her new people friends and that she’s made their day by inviting them over to say hello

Animal companions have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. From hamsters, to bunnies, to horses, and even a favorite cow growing up, I’ve long since built my life around raising, training, caring for, and living with animals.

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Ginger – from feral to family dog

While I’m writing this, Ginger is laying on my bed playing with one of her dog toys. She’s the perfect example of a satisfied, loving and healthy looking dog. Ginger owns happiness, it’s flowing all around her, she breathes joy, genuine love, content and true happiness. It’s hard to believe this story begins with a dog so different from the one I’m looking at now.

On June 1st of 2015 I received a phone call from Rachel. She found a dead puppy, laying on the side of the road. There were several more puppies running in the bushes, just inches away from cars passing by.

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The most important things: from a run with Tina

I went on a run today. I try to go almost every day.

Sometimes I go by myself, but often I’m with my husband and our young daughter. Depending on the day these runs (or walks) had been ways to catch-up on our busy schedules, avoid feeling out of shape, see the outside world after long nights of work or parenthood, or any number of reasons for a brief escape.

We have been urban hiking, nature walking, taking a coffee break on foot, and getting some space as an important ritual for many years. Seeing the people, houses, trees, sky and happenings outside my front door has always been an important break for me.

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Polly the rescue dog in New Mexico

I first saw Polly on the side of the road in a very remote part of New Mexico that lies between the Zuni and Navajo reservations. She wasn’t the first dog I’d seen since I’d arrived – I think I passed at least 5 each time I went anywhere by car – but she was the first one I stopped for. Unlike the others, who all had a toughness to them, an understanding of “belonging” to someone regardless of what that entailed, Polly seemed aimless, forgotten, and alone. I drove past her at first, glimpsing her in my side mirror, but I did a double-take and immediately turned around, so struck by how much she looked like the dog of a friend back in Pennsylvania.

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