The Sgt. Pepper’s Friends foundation is the best place to look if you or your family are looking to expand your family!

Sgt. Pepper’s Friends is a non-profit animal rescue organization founded and located in Aruba. Our dogs and cats are available for adoption in the United States, Canada, Aruba, the Netherlands and Sweden as of now. Every country we add to the list requires careful research, but we hope open up to families in other countries in the future as well.

We love our beautiful island. However, the number of neglected, homeless, abandoned, sick and hungry dogs and cats wandering the streets is truly disturbing. Through donations and the hard work of our volunteers and our adoptive families, we are able to rescue many animals in need.

The goal of our foundation is to find the most suitable family for each individual dog or cat. We also promote spaying and neutering programs, plan to build our own shelter and are working together with other rescues and organizations within and outside of Aruba.

Our precious rescues are all mixed breeds. The dogs are called ‘Aruba Cunucu dogs.’ Their average weight is about 15-25kg / 35-55lbs. Our Aruban specials are fast runners, active, loving and smart dogs.

Social media is our main resource for finding loving homes for our rescues – please follow us on Instagram @sgtpeppersfriends and on Facebook! Here you will find updates on our rescues and animal inspiration every day.

Adopting a pet is very rewarding and will enrich your life in countless ways. LOVE is a four-legged word!